Cracking the Code


WOW!!!!!!!!! Every time you do a reading I’m amazed. You are DEAD ON. Thank you, thank you, thank you for this. It’s very helpful!! This was an AWESOME reading!!!” ~B.H., South Dakota

I am amazed that she picked up my psychological state and also the personality of the person in question. Finally, she promised me to tell me anything in the reading that she might pickup. And Val did just that.” Yolanda P.

I had lost a significant amount of money to an internet thief when an account of mine was hacked. The money that was taken was for my rent and bills and groceries and my situation was dire. I sought out the Tarot Translator for a reading to get advice. During the course of that reading, Val told me that the cards indicated not to worry and that my money would be returned. A few days later my money was back in my account!

During the course of my reading, I found Val to be very accurate, understanding and highly intelligent with a very real gift for translating the cards into language that I could readily understand.

I will return to the Tarot Translator for more readings when I have other problems that are too big for me to handle alone. Thank you Val, ~R.T., Syracuse, NY

Val’s reading was very insightful, thought-provoking and intuitive. She reads with far more depth than many, and is able to translate her intuition into a sensible and meaningful interpretation. I was very impressed and thankful to her. Thanks, Val!! You excel at this.” ~Lauren Hartt, White Rock, BC

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